Bid Tabulations


County of Henrico Bid Tabulations




Tabulation 23-2607-10JOK07-DEC-2023Lake Overton Wet Pond Retrofit and Dam Safety Improvements
Tabulation 23-2600-10JEC06-DEC-2023Public Utilities Grit Separator Replacement Project
Tabulation 23-2605-10JOK21-NOV-2023Ridge Road Sidewalk Improvements
Tabulation 23-2598-10PKW21-NOV-2023Chemical Toilet & Handwashing Station Rental Services
Tabulation 23-2594-9LOC20-NOV-2023Annual Contract for Snow Removal and Deicing Services – Zones 1, 3, and 5
Tabulation 23-2593-9EAR06-NOV-2023Bloomingdale & Brook Run Area (SH-02D, PT 2, PH 2) Sanitary Sewer Renewal
Tabulation 23-2597-10PKW06-NOV-2023Kitchen Exhaust System Inspection and Cleaning Services
Tabulation 23-2581-8EAR25-OCT-2023Voter Registrar Renovation
Tabulation 23-2592-9JMH23-OCT-2023Henrico Jail West Security Alterations
Tabulation 23-2509-3LOC19-OCT-2023Irrigation System Preventive Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement Services
Tabulation 23-2595-9EAR17-OCT-2023Annual Contract for Asphaltic Pavement Planing
Tabulation 23-2574-8JL16-OCT-2023Replacing AHUs at Freeman High School
Tabulation 23-2580-8EAR10-OCT-2023Water treatment Facility Ozone Generator PSU Replacement
Tabulation 23-2588-9JMH09-OCT-2023Henrico Jail West Kitchen Renovation
Tabulation 23-2586-8JMH27-SEP-2023Vehicle Washing Services