Bid Tabulations


County of Henrico Bid Tabulations




Tabulation 24-2627-1EAR15-APR-2024Annual Contract for Stormwater Management Facility Maintenance
Tabulation 24-2657-3PKW11-APR-2024Replacement of Serving Line Equipment at HCPS
Tabulation 24-2641-1PKW04-APR-2024Fresh Produce
Tabulation 24-2637-1EAR21-MAR-2024Woodcliff Subdivision Sewer Improvements
Tabulation 24-2643-2EAR19-MAR-2024Lucas Road Waterline
Tabulation 24-2640-1JL08-MAR-2024Francis Road and Greenwood Road Sewer and Water Extension
Tabulation 24-2639-1EAR07-MAR-2024Annual Contract for Unidirectional Flushing Maintenance
Tabulation 24-2636-1JL28-FEB-2024Human Services Elevator Replacement
Tabulation 23-2622-12EAR28-FEB-2024Cooling Tower Replacements at Echo Lake Elementary School and Sandston Elementary School
Tabulation 24-2631-1PKW27-FEB-2024Fairbanks Morse Vertical Turbine Pump ("VTP") Rebuild/Repair Services
Tabulation 24-2630-1JL21-FEB-2024Roof Recovery Project - James River Juvenile Detention Center
Tabulation 23-2619-12EAR15-FEB-2024Annual Contract for Guardrail Maintenance, Removal, Repair and Upgrades
Tabulation 24-2628-1JEC14-FEB-2024Henrico County Plant Drain Pump Station Phase I
Tabulation 23-2618-12LOC05-FEB-2024Annual Contract for Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Services to Public Utilities Locations
Tabulation 23-2620-12LOC02-FEB-2024Vacuum Leaf Pickup/Collection Services – Zones 1 and 2